A Empresa

Arx Eventos’ primary function is the scouting, consulting, planning and organization of events, both national and international, within the field of science and technologies.
A key to the continuous success in Arx events is our firmly based working methodology of incorporating up-to-date knowledge within the company’s framework.

Assisted by a highly experienced and competent staff this allows us to provide elite consulting and advising services with positive and concrete outcomes.
The development of a creative and innovative project is the result of our relentless use of modern management strategies in which we offer specialized attention to scheduled activities with a strong focus on their punctual “on-time” delivery; a cornerstone in guaranteeing the full success of events organized by Arx Eventos.
Starting from a needs assessment, we assemble a structured plan for the event identifying potential partners, sponsors and supporters. The aim is to define clear objectives for the project designed to ensure a “risk-free” event for the event’s promoter.
Our company provides services to both public and private entities bringing together quality and reliability in a market place that has begun to truly identify these requirements has critical to success and is no longer considered just “business as usual”.



Rafael Bezerra is Director of the Financial and Scientific department at Arx Eventos.


Marcia Araujo is a founding director of Arx Eventos (created in 1997) where she is presently the Commercial Director.


Before participated in the creation of Arx Eventos, Mirna Vale had a widely successful career in the industries of tourism, events and CRM where she developed an invaluable range of skills (people management.


arxianosAt Arx Eventos we understand that our employees and clients are the reasons why we exist.  It is their contributions of knowledge and innovation that adds value to our company and remains one of our greatest assets.

To support this understanding our company actively maintains an Annual Training Program with our internal staff to boost and cultivate a higher level of competency and ability within our employees.

In addition to our Annual Training Program we also engage in another initiative; the Trienarx Program.  This program clearly demonstrates the high levels of commitment and investment that Arx Eventos has towards training and maintaining the best receptionists and employees.  Trienarx main objective is as a refresher course for the receptionists that work with Arx Events during events and meetings.  The program develops stronger skills in customer service with specific event training while encouraging and promoting team spirit and cooperation; an important component of the Arx Eventos philosophy.

Arx Eventos’ directors and staff are strongly encouraged to provide suggestions and input on training and skills development for each position. The company promotes internal training with the entire team as well as external training through programs such as Sebrae, Senac, CDL and FGV.

Aggressively seeking the best talents available in the marketplace Arx invests in the cultivation of qualified new talent by maintaining partnerships with higher learning institutions of Ceará, receiving students from different specialized fields such as Business Administration, Tourism, Hotel and Advertising.

Our company´s structure is divided into four major departments: Commercial, Scientific, Communication and Project.  In order to adequately place new staff in Arx’s structure, a competency and skills map is made of all new employees so that he or she may be allocated into the department that best fits his or her specific skill set.

Since the event sector industry is quite dynamic, our company is always seeking the best practices that the market has to offer (bench marketing). Our staff continually visits major events held in Brazil with the specific intention of exchanging ideas with other leading professionals within our industry, thereby creating a nationwide network capable of supporting our clients. Attending these major events and tradeshows, such as the Brazilian Congress of Event Planners, also allows our directors to maintain their cutting edge knowledge while being refreshed with new innovations.