Arx Eventos, during 5 years, was the only company in Brazil, specialized in the planning of medical events, to hold an ISO 9001 certification.

At the time, a two-year preparatory process took place, with consulting and specific training. The company obtained certification with zero ‘non-conformity’ with regards to accreditation standards.

The development, structure and implementation of projects, as well as meeting client requirements continue being Arx’s key strong points. The company’s commitment with quality of services is evidenced by the constant search for knowledge according to Arx Eventos’ Quality Management principles.

Arx Eventos has also obtained the Sebrae-CE Quality Seal. The company has received this seal every year since the very first edition, in 1998, when the company was only one year old.

Arx has already received the Caio Award three times, a national award considered to be the ‘Brazilian Oscar of the Event’s Industry’. During the first two awards, in 2003 and 2006, the Silver Jacaré Trophy was received, and in the third award in 2010, the Bronze Jacaré Trophy was received; All of them in the most disputed category: ‘National Congress’.

In 2003, the company was victorious with the Brazilian Congress of Organ Transplants. In 2006, the company won with the XXXIII Brazilian Congress of Ophthalmology, a case that was chosen among 36 to be awarded with the prestigious Caio Award. In 2010, the XVI Brazilian Congress of Clinical Oncology case was a highlight in Brazil.

Acknowledgement for the company´s work also translated into various honors received for the International Meeting for the Study of Pain, which took place in October of 2003, with the participation of 500 American, English, German, French and Spanish delegates. Another important tribute was received for the company´s work in the Brazilian Congress of Organ Transplants in 2003.


Pr--mio-Inclus--o-Social-do-Minist--rio-do-TurismoThe actions taken by Arx Eventos for training tourism students of the Turismo do Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Comercial (Senac) where awarded by the Brazilian Tourism Authority.

 “The students go through a program where they receive information about how a Professional Congress Organizer (PCO) works. They also have the opportunity to work in an event, learning the dynamics of this sector”, says Mirna Vale.

 According to Arx director Marcia Araújo “Our goal is to develop new potentials and offer opportunities for students do develop their work education”

 More than 180 students have been trained and had the opportunity of having their first job experience in Arx’s headquarter.

Arx Eventos Awards

  1. Jacaré Trophy of the Caio Award 2003 – Best National Congress Category – Brazilian Congress of Organ transplants
  2. Jacaré Trophy of the Caio Award 2005 – Best National Congress Category – Brazilian Congress of Ophthalmology
  3. Jacaré Trophy of the Caio Award 2010 – Best National Congress Category – Brazilian Congress of Clinical Oncology
  4. Gold Quality Certificate – SEBRAE Ceará
  5. Quality Certificate – ABEOC¹ Brazil and Sebrae² National
  6. Trophy of the Brazilian Society of Diabetes – Brazilian Congress of Diabetes 2009
  7. CONCAN Medal of Honor – Brazilian Cancer Congress 2012
  8. Award by the Legislative Assembly of Ceará 2012
  9. IBS Excellence Award – International Biotechnology Symposium 2014
  10. Social Inclusion Board of the Department of Tourism 2010
  11. Homage of the following events:
  • International SBED-IASP Symposium 2013
  • Brazilian Congress of Organ Transplants 2003
  • National Congress of the Brazilian Association of Dental Radiology 2007
  • Brazilian Congress of Intensive Medicine 2012
1) ABEOC – Brazilian Association of Event Companies
2) SEBRAE – Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service