Arx Eventos’ primary function is the scouting, consulting, planning and organization of events, both national and international, within the field of science and technologies. A key to the continuous success in Arx events is our firmly based working methodology of incorporating up-to-date knowledge within the company’s framework. Assisted by a highly experienced and competent staff this allows us to provide elite consulting and advising services with positive and concrete outcomes.

The development of a creative and innovative project is the result of our relentless use of modern management strategies in which we offer specialized attention to scheduled activities with a strong focus on their punctual “on-time” delivery; a cornerstone in guaranteeing the full success of events organized by Arx Eventos.

Starting from a needs assessment, we assemble a structured plan for the event identifying potential partners, sponsors and supporters. The aim is to define clear objectives for the project designed to ensure a “risk-free” event for the event’s promoter.

Our company provides services to both public and private entities bringing together quality and reliability in a market place that has begun to truly identify these requirements has critical to success and is no longer considered just “business as usual”.

National and International Events





Product launches




  • Scouting of national and international events;
  • Development of general budget and a financial feasibility study;
  • Reception services (bilingual and multilingual);
  • Development of a marketing plan including a map of advertising spaces;
  • Development of fund raising projects;
  • Scouting and recruitment of potential Sponsors;
  • Articulation and interface with service providers;
  • Innovative services for the dissemination of events and registration activation (intelligent database systems, telemarketing etc.);
  • Software development for the registration and resource management*;
  • Structure to receive delegate registration;
  • Executive Administrator pre and post event;
  • Innovative identification system, as well as efficient protection strategies, in order to care for the safety and security of all delegates during the event*;
  • Press Relations (PR, development of communication strategies, such as website maintenance and publication of periodicals, before, during and after the event)*;
  • Visual program and production of dissemination material (branding, marketing activation, posters, folders, banners, official program, and customized material)*.

*Service provided by partner companies.