Arx Eventos has proudly taken a leadership role in addressing many social and environmental issues within Brazil.  Our company has invested initiatives that have donated the surplus material from events (such as pens, notepads and tote bags) to environmental programs that encourages the use of recycling while donating the proceeds to charity.  The following organizations have already benefitted from these programs: São José Hospital, Casa do Menino Jesus, Lar Torres de Melo, Santa Casa de Misericórdia e Lar São Vicente, and many others.  Exemplary of these initiatives is the project that transforms excessive paper waste, through paper recycling, into financial funding to help transport needy patients receiving care at the São José Hospital, the main center for HIV/AIDS care in Ceará.   We also encourage our clients to participate by providing free registration in exchange for delicate donations such as food items, personal hygiene, clothing, blankets and toys.

At Arx Eventos we understand the importance of community and routinely promote events in the spirit of solidarity. In 2004, we were a proud partner of the Children and Adolescent´s Heart Institute (ICCA) during their children´s cardiovascular disease awareness campaign (congenital cardiomyopathy, acquired cardiomyopathy and child obesity). Taking place on “Children´s Week” in October, ICCA placed kiosks throughout the main shopping malls of Fortaleza, Brazil where health professionals distributed leaflets and provided orientation on how to prevent and identify signs of heart problems.

Arx Happy Day

Every year in December our company sponsors a “Special Morning” for the Madre Paulina Association, which provides shelter for at risk children and adolescents.  This collaboration encourages and supports these children by providing various recreational activities along with the distribution of snacks and toys.  In addition we also donate educational items and dental kits.


Supporting the Arts:


At Arx Eventos we believe that supporting cultural initiatives is critical for local artists.  Whether it is for a theatrical play, a music show, an exhibit or even a local folklore festival such as the quadrilha junina festival, logistical and financial support is a necessity to enable local artist to share and enrich society.  Our philosophy is that helping to promote the arts is an effective way of demonstrating the value of local cultures and ideals.  Some of the local organizations which receive support from Arx are: Quadrilha do Zé Testinha, Associação Mar (handicrafts) and Fundação Pirata. These groups are given the opportunity to exhibit their art and to sell their works to a select clientele during the events.

In music, Arx Eventos reserves a special place for locally grown musicians, such as accordion player Waldonys and songwriter and singer Fausto Nilo. In the fine arts, we proudly promote the works of the local Ceará artist Wilson Neto.

Arx also sponsors regional entertainment groups


This was highlighted in 2006 when we were honored to support the Experimentus Dance Company.  Experimentus is comprised of dancers who come from the social NGO projects. Thanks to sponsors these dancers were allowed to fulfill a once in a lifetime dream of dancing for the first time on the José de Alencar Theater stage;  during the second season of the dance show “Illusion – More to reality than meets the eye”.

Support for the Madre Paulina Association

Besides all the social work done with needy children, providing food, medical care and pedagogical activities the Madre Paulina association also promotes activities geared towards social, family and educational integration for kids.  Madre Paulina has the capacity to care for 20 children and adolescents on a part-time basis and also


supports a local institution, which houses 18 children between the ages of 2 to 12 years on full time basis and an additional 15 kids with part-time daycare.  Unfortunately, Madre Paulina’s finances and funding are always a constant concern, depending completely on charitable donations. See how you can help.

How to help

  • Donate new and used clothing items, which will be sold in bazars promoted by the Madre Paulina Association, or may be used by the beneficiaries of the program;
    • Donate books for schools, children, adolescents and dictionaries in order to encourage reading as well as serving as a source for research and broadening knowledge;
    • Donate computers to reduce the digital divide of children and adolescents as well as administrative use;
    • Schedule a visit to the institution. The kids will love to have you;
    • Sponsor a child;
    • Place the link to on your website or help us to spread the word and support to your friends and partners;
    • Make a donation directly to the Madre Paulina Association´s account. In this case, an email or a phone call is needed a receipt may be issued for your donation.

For international wire transfer of funds, please contact Madre Paulina Association:  
Contact Information:
Local Address
Associação Madre Paulina  
Rua Souza Girão, 260
Bairro de Fátima Fortaleza – Ceará – Brazil 
: +55 (85) 3254.4150
Please ask for Dorinha or Sister Joana